libdash - Simplifies the usage of DASH

libdash is a library that simplifies DASH with the intention to make the usage of DASH streams as simple as the usage of a file. The library handles the whole HTTP connection setup, the xml parsing and the bandwidth adaptation process and with its internal buffer it tries to enable a stable stream for the user of the library. Furthermore the library supports a part of the isoffmain profile, the full basic-cm profile and HTTP byte range requests. Therefore all MPDs from our  dataset are accessible.

The library has been built as a DLL and is currently only usable in windows. The project can be checked out through our svn with:

svn co

The trunk contains a Visual Studio 2010 solution with two projects. One project that is named libdash contains the library and another project which is named samples contains a sample application that opens a MPD from our dataset and reads until the end of the stream.

Join this activity, everyone is invited

This library is a starting point and there are a lot of things to do:

  • Make the library platform independet
  • Implement new Profiles
  • Extend the interface to simplify the process for adding new adaptation logics
  • ...

So everybody is invited to contribute, to get involved in and exited about DASH!

DASH in less than 5 Commands

  1. Get a DASHManager Interface from the DLL (Line: 40)
  2. Open the MPD (Line: 41)
  3. Start the Download Process (Line: 42)
  4. Read from the Stream (Line: 43)


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  • Christopher Müller: mailto:christopher.mueller@…